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Daily Use Mats

Product ID - PPEM01

Smoth, Streight 6X9 feet everyday usable Mats.You can use these mats for any purpose such as for playing kids, for trips, for decoration in your main room.
Interior Mats

Product ID - PPIM01

our interior mats are made from combination of beauty and function. This mat is highly effective in protecting your floors from damaging dirt and moisture.
Check Mat

Product ID - PPCHKM

We offer a wide range of check mats. Our check mats are available in various colors and design.Our mast are very cost effective.

Anti-Slip Mats

Product ID - PPASLPM

It provides excellent non-skid surface, reduce chance of slip or falls. Available in convenient size of 12" x 12". (custom size available)
Carpet Mats

Product ID - PPCRPM

Our carpet mats are very useful in putting it in rooms. This mat replaces the costly carpet. You can use these mats in Hall, Bedroom etc.
Anti-Static Mats

Product ID - PPASTM

AntiStatic mats provide a path to ground for a charge from conductive or static dissipative items placed on the mat. Available in any size
Industrial Matting


We provide all types of customized industrial matting. Just tell us what are your requirement we will provide you the better solution
Logo Mats

Product ID - PPLOGO

Mats with your logo.These mats are for specially branding your name. You can gift these mats to your customers and make them happy.
Anti Fatigue Mats

Product ID - PPAFM

Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs. Available in custom sizes
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