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Manufacturer of Export Quality Virgin P.P. Mats


Product ID - PP0069

Smoth, Streight 6X9 feet everyday usable Mats.

Product ID - PP0066

Affordable and Attractive 6x6 Mats.

Product ID - PP0057

Recycled and Virgin Grade 5x7 feet Mats.

Product ID - PP0046

4x6 feet Mats & Carpets.

Prathmesh Plastics Welcomes You...

Prathmesh Plastics is a one of the leading plastic mats manufactures in India.

Welcome to prathmesh plastics one of the best plastic mats manufacturer in India. When it comes to manufacturing of customer requirement based Mats & Carpets maimum companies claim to Prathmesh Plastic’s expertise and quality.

We manufacture quality Mats from both Virgin and recycled material. Our recycled products are very green, 95% the raw material is made from ROADSIDE WASTE i.e. Waste of Plastic Cans, Jars, Pen’s. etc. Collected in cities, road and Municipal waste collection. This is then processed and recycled into useful mats and carpets.

We at Prathmesh Plastics always surviving for new improvements. We offer unbeatable quality price equation among all the standard manufacturers of this product. Multiple designs are available in all sizes, color.multicolor products can be manufactured as per customer requirement.

Our products includes PP mats and various size such as 4x6 feet, 6x6 feet, 5x7 feet, 6x9 feet also includes various size and Carpets Poly Propylene mats and carpets etc.

Prathmesh plastics has 4000 sq meter of infrastructure area with best quality. Extruders and Looms based on Japanese technologies with 46 tons per month capacity to manufacture maximum numbers of high quality products in short time.

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